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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Twelve Days Of Christmas Crafting; Day Seven, Red Velvet Hair Bows

 Day Seven Of My Twelve Days Of  Christmas Crafting.
I was going to try and post everyday but I quickly found  that if I want ...Any... sleep that is not possible. 
 I promise there will be Twelve before Christmas. Only Five left to go.
These are cute little combs you can put in your hair for that touch of Christmas Red.
I have been wanting to make them ever since my daughter made this beautiful Sea Foam Green  Bow Barrette.
This project would be great for a little girls hair, to go with that cute Christmas dress.

Things You Need

  • Red Velvet Ribbon 3/4 inch wide
  • Comb or Barrette
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors

  •  Cut the ribbon in 4 different sizes
  • One the length of the comb about 3 inches
  • One 2 1/2 inches ( which is the tail of the ribbon)
  • One about 6 inches for the bow( it might change depending on how big you want the bow) 
  • One about 1 inch (to wrap around the middle of the bow.)

  •  Place hot glue on the top of the comb.
  • Place the ribbon on the comb.

  •  For the bow.
  • Take the 6 inch strip fold in half.
  • Place some Hot Glue in the middle.
  • Fold each end to the middle.

  •  Take the one inch strip.
  • Place some glue on the back.
  •  Wrap the ribbon around the center.

  •  For the tail.
  • Cut the 2 1/2  piece of ribbon  in half and trim the ends in a v shape.
  • Glue to the back of the Bow.

  •  Take the bow and  Hot glue it to the comb.

I can imagine these little Bows in  all kinds of beautiful colors, to match everything.

Love to you all,

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