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Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Twelve Days Of Christmas Crafting: Day 5, Tinsel Stars.

 Yesterday, I Kind of took the day off of Blogging and deep cleaned my kitchen so I could decorate for Christmas. What was suppose to take about an hour or two ended up taking about four hours because I had to redo some of the light that had gone out on my Kitchen tree. (Boo) That was almost how every tree was this year One strand of lights out, 8 stands on the tree, now you have to find the broken lights, then replace them  , Not fun if your all finished decorating.
Today I spent the day with my daughter Filming some more Craft Tutorials, and coming up with new Christmas crafts ideas. I love our Thursdays together, they are so very Special.
This Star Tinsel tutorial is so easy to make. They could be an ornament or a wall hanging or tag on a gift. endless possibilities. I just love endless possibilities.

 Things You Need
  • Star Template Drawn or Printed.
  • Wire Tinsel Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)
  • Pliers
  • Pen / Pencil
  • Wire- Any between 16-24 gauge.
  • Red Velvet Ribbon 

  •  I just drew a Star, But you could find one and Print it from the internet.

  •  Cut the Wire about 18 inches long

  • Wrap the two wires together
  •  Make a loop at the top 
  •  Wrap that wire around the neck.
  •  I had a little wire left so i made a cute little spring on the side of the Star, Using my Pen.

  • Cut about 15 inches of  the Tinsel Ribbon.
  • Start Wrapping it Around the Wire.

  •  The Best Part is This Tinsel Ribbon has Wire in it and Stays Put When You Wrap It.

  • Cut A Piece of Velvet Ribbon about 12 inches long 
  •  Thread it through the  loop at the top Tie a knot at the top.
  •  Trim excess

I hope you enjoy making them. 
They would be great H
hanging all over a Christmas tree.
Love to you all.

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