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Monday, December 3, 2018

The 12 Days of Christmas Crafting: Day 3, Cinnamon, Macrame, Christmas Wall Hanging.

 On the  Third day We make A Cinnamon Christmas Macrame Wall Hanging.
There are so many beautiful Macrame wall hangings out there.  I thought I would put a little Christmas spin on the one we did. It only took me an my daughter an hour to make the basic macrame and about 10 min to add the Christmas charm. My Daughter and I had such a wonderful time crafting creating together. Such great memories to have for a lifetime.

 Things you need.

  •  Cotton Rope (8 Pieces about 3 feet long.)
  • Large Cinnamon Sticks( Hobby Lobby I found it on an end cap with other Christmas stuff)
  • Glue Gun
  • Small Wire Cutters
  • Greenery Hobby Lobby( 50% off)
  • Velvet Ribbon
  • Scissors

  •  Cut  piece of  the rope about 12 inches, thread it through the cinnamon stick
  • Tie it off.
  • Move the knot inside the cinnamon stick

  • Cut 8 more pieces of rope 4 Feet long.
  •  Tie on 8 larks head knots to the cinnamon stick.
  •  Macrame  a basic knot .  

  •  The First Row Tie 4 Knots
  • The Second Row Tie 3 Knots
  • The Third Row 4 Knots
  • The Fourth Row 3 Knots
  • The Fifth Row 2 Knots
  • The Sixth Row 1

  •  Comb out the bottom
  • Trim into a v shape.

  • With the velvet ribbon tie a cute little bow.
  • *I made two bunny ears and tied them together.
  •  Cut 3 pieces of the greenery, various lengths.

  • Hot  glue the greenery  to the  top on one side.

  • Hot glue the bow on top of the greenery

Hang in your favorite spot 
or give it as a Christmas gift.
Hand made gifts are the best gifts I think.
Love to you all


  1. Merry Christmas Gail Thank you so much XXOO

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  3. I'm OBSESSED with your site! Sooo many cool, creative ideas! You had me at "Macramé" :D


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