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Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Twelve Days of Christmas Crafting: Day 11, Tinsel Trees 101.

 Little Tinsel Trees are everywhere this season. Wouldn't it be nice if you could make one yourself and in  the color you want.
These cute little Trees are super easy to make and with a few supplies you could have your very own Tinsel Tree Town.
Hey everyone and welcome to Day 11, of my "Twelve Days of Christmas Crafting" I am on the last two DIY's of this Christmas series.
 I love little tinsel trees and love them even more now  because I made them myself. Just think you can make them Big, Medium or Small. and as many as you want.
I Hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas season. It always goes by  so fast for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of these DIY's and I do believe it has revived me and how I feel about blogging. I hope you have enjoyed it too. 
Sending  Peace and Love to all of you  this Christmas.

Things You Need

  • Wire, Tinsel Ribbon(Hobby Lobby)
  • Old Scissors
  • Wire 24 Gauge
  • Wood discs
  • Cardboard Template
  • Cup Hook Screw 
  • 3 in one Tool Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels.

  • The first thing is to make a tree form out of card board.
  •  It  doesn't really matter how perfect it is as long as it is shaped in a cone.

  •  Take the Tinsel Ribbon wrap around the form

  •  For a 8 inch tree,  take a piece of wire 16 inches fold in half.

  •  Place the Wire over the tree form and tinsel
  •  Cut the tinsel ribbon on each side
  • Careful to hold to the Tinsel into place
  •  Remove the Card Board Carefully
  •  Hold the top of the tree and Twist the wire
  • Keep twisting all the way down the tree

  •  Take the screw and drill a hole into the wood disc

  • Cut the wires  at the bottom with the  3 in 1 tool.
  • Screw the tree into the wood disk

Place all over the house.
Video Here

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