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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam.

I just thought you would all like to know what Sailor Sam has been up to this week.  He has been quite busy settling into his new home with his new family.

 When I got up to have my coffee Sailor Sam was right there.
 We had to go back to the Doctor because he said he was still feeling a little sick. 
Dr. Dan prescribed lots of rest and Vitamin C.
 We took a trip to the store to buy some yummy food.  He really likes riding in the cart.
 We shared  a cranberry, white chocolate, coconut cookie, that was delish.
Can you believe Sam  ate all of my gluten free cupcake?  Bad Sam for not sharing.
 After eating all that sugar we had to brush our teeth. Teeth are very important Sailor Sam.
 Then we took a nice hot bath.
 All Clean. He L O V E S  bath time.
Then before bed we did a little light reading. I explained to Sam that Fashion and DIY are very Important.  He agreed. 
Night Night Sam .  See you tomorrow.

Silly is Fun!!
Lots of <3
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  1. Love Sailor Sam. My sister-in-law has a Rabbid, a flamenco dressed one. She calls her "Flamenquita Rabbid" and has a Facebook profile. I have added Flamenquita as my niece. My sister-in-law takes Flamenquita to her trips and post pics of her Rabbid in holidays... I can't see my sister-in-law in Facebook pics, but I know where she has been because my "niece" pics! Silly is Fun!


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