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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mad about MAXi

I  can only imagine what you are thinking right now. Where the Heck is my Monday  Re-Style project. Well  It is right beside, me waiting for some  pictures to be taken of it. Without boring you with the  details, I have to switch tonight's Project with tomorrows Clothes post. I hope you understand that sometimes being a blogger, Mother, Wife, and worker outside of the home,
everything can all run together and explode, making an extreme mess.
  For tonight, Clothes is on the agenda.
If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter I gave you a sneak peek of what I was up to.  
  I promise, Re-Style fun tomorrow.

This is something I wore this weekend on a wonderful, well needed night out. Wodering why I am wearing a Maxi Dress in the middle of winter?
 Well, central Florida doesn't really follow the rules when it comes to what you should wear in the winter. Why?  Because on this day, Temperatures were in the high 70's.

 Dress~ Lauren Conrad,  Kohls , Jean Jacket and leopard clutch~ Express, Heels~ BCBG, necklaces and bracelet~ my creations, ring~Charlotte Russe

Food we consumed.

Pub we gathered in.

Mine is the Coke. I was the DD for the night.
See you tomorrow:)
Lot's of <3


  1. I know what you mean, I'm not a mom, but still, my life is very busy and from time to time I would like to run away, for a few days.
    I love the look, so chic, I need so bad a denim jacket.

  2. love this look, those heels and clutch are super cute!


  3. Hi lovely,

    I so wish we lived near each other so we could swap idea...well, I could ask for your ideas, anyway!!

    I REALLY like this outfit - the print is GORGEOUS - and you, as always, are a stunner!


  4. Gorgeous dress - you look beautiful! <3

    Sadie xx

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