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Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Re-Style # 52, Lace Clutch, DIY

My old clutch needed a face lift, so I  decided on black lace.
Welcome Everyone to Project Re-Style NUMBER...( Drum roll)...
# 52.
This Project marks My ONE YEAR of Re-Styling.
WOW!! I did it, and believe me it will not stop here. 
This year coming, I am going to continue to Re-Style and DIY until the cows come home.
Every week I will still Re-Style something from my closet, Plus I will continue to DIY things from the fashion world, that I want, but can't spend that $1000.00 on.
First and Foremost
I need to THANK each and every one of you for making this year a turning point for me.
I have finally made it to that right track and I will continue going down this track  until I am too old to move.
I love, love, love, doing  this blog and creating things, more than anything, it fuels me.
I can  never express to  all of you
how much I appriciate your words of encouragement and you ever growing support. 
Thank you~ Thank you.~ Thank you!
So..... if I can wipe my face off and blow my nose,
We can get down to Re-Styling.
Things You Need
  1. Lace 
  2. Old Clutch
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Clothes Pins( Not Shown) 4 or 5
  6. Ribbon about, 3 feet.

 Cut your lace  about an inch wider, on all sides,
than the size of your purse

Place your purse in the middle of the lace.
Cut slits where you want to fold the lace.

 Place glue on the inside of the purse.
Fold over the sides fist  then fold  the top down.

place your clothes pins on the corners, to hold it.
I also cut small  slits so the knobs at the top could go through.
 I glued ribbon over the lace on the inside of the bag.

I cut a piece of ribbon to go around the outside of my purse. 
You could tie a bow to yours,
or decorate however you like.

 Now, Let it  dry, really well.  
I let mine dry five or six hours.
*Make sure you check the clothes pins and move them to different spots,
so they won't get glued to your purse.

Now you have a NEW purse.
It kind of looks sexy enough to take out for Valentine's Day
I hope you all had a wonderful Monday!!

Lots of <3,
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Make it Great Mondays

OH!!!! Wait
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Hugs to you All..


  1. Just found your blog Via Pinterest. I have to say all your DIY's make me want to revamp some of my old goodies! Thanks for the tips!!

  2. Congratulations on 52 restyles! So glad you're continuing~

  3. This is a really great re-style project. Congratulations for doing so many. It shows how creative you are.

  4. Wow - One year of re-styling!! That's an accomplishment you should be proud of - and what a great project to finish on! Congrats Anne!!

  5. You are so creative! I love the lacy clutch! I have a an old in mind that I'm going to try this with :) Thanks!

  6. LOVE what your did with the clutch and if you're recommending this lovely I'm going to check her out right this instant. LOVE YOU!!!


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