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Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY, Fold-over, Canvas Clutch

About a month ago, my beautiful sister sent me a message on Facebook, telling me I had to make one of these clutches.  Since then,  I have been kind of recreating it over and over in my mind.
How will I do this?
What materials will I use?
What size will it be.?
Yesterday I found a canvas bag that would work perfect.
I also want to make one in Leather,  but this was a trial run.

Aren't these so cute.?

Other inspirations
 Converse fold over clutch

Claire Vivier fold over clutch

So here is My version of the bag my Sister wants.

 Now this bag is made from the, ever so easy to obtain and inexpensive canvas.
Leather is my next adventure, but I wanted to do a trial run with canvas, so I am not wasting expensive, harder to obtain, leather.
Plus, I think canvas for spring is perfect.
Wanna make one?

Things you need
  1. Canvas 30" long by 20" wide (the dimensions of the finished bag will be 15" by 10")
  2. Zipper 7 inches
  3. Glue
  4. Glitter
  5. Scissors
  6.  Paint brush
  7. Tape ( not shown) Painters tape or duct tape
  8. Sewing machine
  9. Straight Pins
Sew a basic rectangle
leaving one  of the shorter sides open
 Fold the bag over and decide where you want your zipper.
  turn  your bag inside out.
Lay your zipper down and trace around the outside of it.
Now you are going to measure in, about a half inch from both ends, so that when you sew the zipper onto the bag it will fit perfect.
draw a box with a line down the middle like in the picture above.
then you are going to cut where I have marked.
fold that down and iron it so it stays.
now lay your zipper on top of that
match up your edges and pin if you need to hold it.
you should use a zipper foot to sew all the way around the edge.
I did not use a zipper foot, but zipper foot is most likely the way to go.
turn right side out and check your work.
UNZIP the zipper.,and turn it back inside out.
 with the zipper open, sew the last top edge of your bag.
*make sure the zipper is open or you will not be able to turn your bag right side out again.
After you have your bag all finnished it time to decorate it.
YAY!! the best part.
tape off your stripes.

 mix your glue and glitter

paint the glue/ glitter mixture onto your bag,
then sprinkle a little extra glitter on top of that.
let that dry.~two hours maybe~
then paint one more coat of just glue on top of the glitter stripes, to seal the glitter.
after about 1 hour, slowly remove your tape.
 then let that completely  dry 2 to 3 hours.

I added a charm onto my zipper for easy open and close access. 
Fold-over clutch complete.
please Email me
WobiSobi@gmail .com
Happy, Happy Friday!
Lots of <3


  1. I can already think of 2 fabrics I have at home to make this with!

  2. turned out awesome great job!!


  3. I think by now I LOVE clutches so so much, and if any clutch has some neon color in it, I WANT it!

  4. LOVE THIS. I am honestly not a clutch kind of gal unless it's evening but I really do love the way they look. Mostly I'm just too lazy to carry around a clutch. I need something that just hangs off me, lol.

    LOVE THIS GUY though.

  5. You are so stinkin' creative! I love your blog!

  6. UN believable! This is EXACTLY what I am looking for! I inherited THOUSANDS of fabric remnants and samples from an interior designer who retired. I tried making something a little like this but knew it wasn't quite right. This is the answer to my wonderings...thank you for sharing!!!


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