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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I just want to share with you my new obsession, which is Instagram.  Kind of like Twitter but with pictures. The best thing about this app is I can keep up with my family and Friends though pictures.  It makes me feel like I am right there with them, when they are miles away.  I am completely in love with is app and as my Sister, so nicely pointed out, I might need a Instagram Intervention. In my defense,  I am just a very visual person and this is a fantastic way for me to share with you  what is going on in my DIY world as well as my other life.   So come on and join the fun, I promise you won't be disappointed.
Click HERE  if you want to check Instagram Out. Click HERE if you want to follow me.
But I warn you, it can become very addicting!
Have a fantastic day!!
Lots of <3


  1. Oh, the world of Mac... what a magical world.

  2. Thx for the info but when am I going to ever find time to do everyday life things now that you have introduced this....I'm already addicted to Pinterest, etsy and a few blogs I follow......LOL... my poor hubby!

  3. I love that app too! Although I don't use it much anymore. It's a nice way to keep up with friends and family :)


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