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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam; Bad Dream.

Sailor Sam has been settling into his new life quite nicely.  
 Let's go check what Sailor Sam has been up to.

This week, Sailor Sam helped me with some braclet orders I had. 
That Sam is such a fast learner.

 Sam also inspected a few things before they where shipped out.  
"Looks Good" He Said

 I caught him one morning, very early,  Pinning some yummy food on Pinterest. 
That Sam is always hungry.
 He learned how to Edit Video
and was a BIG help on the video I did this week.

 To thank Sam for his very Fine job, I made him his very own Arm Party.
"Thank You Sam!"

 Later that day, Sailor Sam showed me that he could Plank on a Lemon.  
"Nice job Sam, now get Down."
Silly Sam!

One night , very late,
Sailor Sam woke me up and told me he had a Bad Dream.

He Said it was about  the Dark Side, and Grim,
and that he was  Very Scared.

I gave Sam an Apple turnover, to help him feel better.
"It's alright Sam, it was just a Dream."

I told him I would watch over him, while  he slept.
Sailor Sam fell back to sleep and slept soundly the rest of the night.

 The next morning Sam tried some yummy Blueberries.
Sailor Sam  said he was going to try and eat healthier.

When it was time for bed,
Sailor Sam said he was afraid to go to sleep.
  I told  Sam that I would read him a book before bed.
He picked "Humphrey the Bear", because it is about Dreams.

I wonder if Sailor Sam is Still dreaming about Grim?

Happy Sunday Everyone!
Lots of <3


  1. rofl I have a police one with a coffee cup I found rofl.I just stuck him on Jacobs Titanic in the front with his arms out rofl..
    I ought to blog him rofl

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