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Monday, December 26, 2011

Project Re-Style # 50, Faux-Fur Vest.

Fur and Faux- Fur, is so "In Style" this season.
I have seen, vests, sleeves, scarves, purses,  swarming the internet, all made from fur and faux- fur.  So I decided to make a Faux- fur vest so I can have that little extra "Je ne sais pas".  Belt it, wrap it around your neck,or leave it without a belt.   
This was a perfect project for me,  
because I am a big fan of Versatile and changeable.  
Welcome everyone,  to my Project Re-Style Monday.  
This week I made a faux fur, vest/ scarf/ wrap.
 You can add a belt  to it  to make a vest, or leave it to have a scarf, or just wrap it around your shoulders.
(This ONE Blanket has come in so handy.)


 Things you need.
  1. Faux fur( mine was a blanket) 
  2.  I cut my piece 48 inches long, by 11 inches wide
  3. Scissors
  4. Pins ( to pin it together before you sew it )
  5.  Sewing machine.

First, I cut out the shape above.
Cut, where there is a green line.
Sew, where there is a red line.
If you use the edge of the blanket you only have to sew one side.
I cut mine in the middle of the blanket and so I had to sew all the way around.
 Believe it or not, that is all there is to it.
 Now you can,

 Belt it, like this.

or Wrap it around your neck 
Like this.

or wrap it around your shoulders like this.

 I think I might add this to my New Years Eve outfit.
 See how I wore it HERE.

50 down 2 to go!
Click on the picture above
for all the details 
about Project Re-Style.
Lots of <3,


  1. About how many inches across was the blanket? I'd love to do this project but don't want to cut it too short!

  2. I love those fur blankies. You can usually find great sales on them after the holidays!


  3. I love faux fur vests, I would love one so much, but here, they are so expensive.


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