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Thursday, December 15, 2011


 Boyfriend jeans~ Target,  My,"Oh so very soft", jacket~ Dillard's,  sequined scarf ~Express, Gray Long sleeve Tee~  Gap, Shoes~ Jessica Simpson, Bag Re-Styled with a little glitter, Rings~ Charlotte Russe, Bracelet~ I made

 Aww Cola bear.

 We had a wonderful dinner date at  Carrabba's with some good friends of ours, Adam, Leah and their adorable, 7 year old son, Cameron.  While at dinner, Cameron asked me to play this easy game called  Tic Tack Toe. (EASY MY EYE)  I was completely and totally demolished, crushed.  I feel so deflated.  I was  being beaten by a 7 year old.  Oh well, I guess losing to the~ "oh so cute"~, Cameron is not all that bad.  He did  have an advantage over me.   Let me state my case.  Right before his  final smack down, Cameron proceed to say to me, with those baby blues, and I quote,  "Wow! your jacket is sooooooooo veeeeerrrrry, very, soft" while simultaneously rubbing my back, then proceeded to get three O's in a line. 

"Well that little stinker." I thought.    I guess he is learning early about  the advantages of distracting your opponent.  Sigh. 
On a higher note the Dinner was Amazing!!
Have a wonderful Thursday.
Lots of <3,


  1. Your Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous!! Love it :)... oh, and you blue sparkle clutch is awesome.


  2. Looking chic, love the red touch.
    That tree looks amazing Anne.

  3. cute shoes. Are the Jessica Simpson shoes comfortable? I have a hard time finding comfortable heels.


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