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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Glitter heels, stepping out.

Redo your torn up heels with  my Glitter heel fix HERE.

 Dress shorts and Silk top~Express, Leather jacket ~ Marshall's, Pearls~ Target

My new glitter heels where so excited to be out again.  Not only were they excited, I was extremely excited to have dinner with my beautiful friend, Keira~ from the amazing blog  a Pretty Penny.  Catching up with my dear friend is one of my most favorite ways to spend my time. Don't you just love recharging your soul with one of your good friends ?.. We also ran into another beautiful lady, Meghan from m.marie . Who's style is absolutely amazing.  She has a boutique, m.marie,  filled with clothes, shoes and accessories, using  her impeccable taste.  Her Boutique is such a gem in this area.
What a wonderful night.I feel so honored to know both of you ladies.
Thank you Keira for the soul  recharge. 
I just love you!!
Lots of <3,


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