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Friday, August 5, 2011

"What you do today can improve all your tomorrows." Ralph Marston

Isn't that a  wonderful Quote by Ralph Marston?. What a perfect quote to kick off YOUR perfect weekend.
Ralph Marston was born in 1955, and he is a writer and a motivator. I think all of us need a good motivator every  now and then.  I also found out that he has a web sight to motivate and empower.HERE
 Speaking of empowering, red is a color that always makes me feel motivated, and happy. When I feel a little down or to tired to move, I put on red and it always puts me in that  forward motion.
What is your motivational color?

Shirt I made HERE.
Have  a wonderful Friday Everyone!


  1. You look Fab Anne :)

  2. My motivational color is PINK! I love how it makes me feel like a woman and feminine.

  3. BTW I'm soooo gonna try this shirt DIY on one of my pink button downs....lol

  4. That shirt looks great! I'd have to say my motivational color is yellow - brightens every day!

  5. Love the colour red on you.........my motivation colour is white! btw......gorgeous heels! Have a fab weekend Anne!

  6. Yes!! I love that quote! I'll be doing my graduate diploma in accounting in the fall, so I believe that what I invest in today will help me towards a happier future. :D My motivation color is fuchsia btw! I wear that to interviews so that potential employers will remember me. Wishing you a fantastic weekend! xox


  7. It is a great quote and a GREAT outfit. I love how color can change your mood...my motivation color is yellow :)


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