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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project Re-Style # 30: Peep Shoulder Shirt, With Chain Detail.

Oh MY Stars,Only 22 more weeks of Re-Styling left. The velocity that my weeks are going by is almost to fast  for me to bare. Tonight I am going to make this a pretty quick post, only  because my comfy bed is calling me and I have a longgggggggg day ahead of me tomorrow. 
So lets get down to brass tacks.
All the details about Project Re-Style will be at the end of this post.

Week number 30 
I just can't hardly believe it.
This week another t-shirt I has succumbed to my scissors.
This one I added chain to and cut out the shoulders.
Things you need

1.  A Large Shirt
2. Scissors
3. Chain
4. 6 jump rings
5. 3 lobster claw hooks
6.  Needle and thread
7. Chalk
 1. Mark with chalk where you want to cut your shirt.
2. Mark on you shirt where you want to hook the chain.
then sew the jump rings on to the shirt using a needle and thread
 3 .To Make the chain piece that you are attaching to the front of your shirt~ start by connecting the chain to  three jump rings. Draping the chain.  You could do any design here.
4. Add your lobster claws hooks to your three  jump rings.
5. Then attach the hooks to the three jump rings that you sewed onto your shirt.

And that, my friend ~ is it.

H was so nice to model for me

I think this would make a great dress or thrown over some jeans. Plus you can take off the chain when you want to wash the shirt.

30 down 22 to go
Thanks H belle, <3 U

I hope you all had  a marvelous Monday!

Nighty, night everyone.








    Give me Give me Give me....

  2. Whu-whut?? The before and after pix are so extremely different that I was sure it's not the same shirt! And of course, that's just totally awesome!!! :D


  3. I cant believe your original is a plain old T. You are so dang crafty I love it!

  4. amazing change... you got a whole new outfit!!!

  5. So cool! Yay for DIY!


  6. sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  7. It screams style.
    Love it!


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