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Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Red Leather Clutch, DIY.

My trip the last week was so wonderful, that I hated to leave.  But as we all know, wonderful sometimes have to come to an end to make room for more wonderful!  I want to thank my Brother and Sister In law for being such gracious hosts, and for renewing my spirit that was running on empty.
As promised I am doing a tutorial on the new red clutch I made. It is an easy, no sew, DIY.
I have to inform you~ that I have become obsessed with making leather clutches.

Things you need
E6000 Glue

1. Cut your leather
there will be two pieces. the bottom piece will be 14 inches by 13 inches
the top piece  will be 9inches  by 13inches
2.  Fold the bottom piece in half and glue down the sides.
3.  Punch holes down each side.  be sure to make an even number of holes.
4.  use your leather cording and lace up both sides. Tie knots and place a little glue on the knots.

5. Take the top piece and glue it to the bottom piece.
6. Add your snaps instructions for them HERE

I cut 3 strips of leather and braided them to make a small handle that I attached with leather cording.
Let this sit for 24 hours to let the glue set up.

Now you have a new clutch!
Of course I had to add tassels. 
If you need any extra help please email me,
Wobisobi @gmail.com
Have a wonderful Saturday


  1. I Loooooooooooove it :)
    I can not seem to find any leather :(

  2. I have random scraps of leather!!! I could perhaps do this!!!! Thanks friend for all the inspiration.

    Love ya!

  3. Nice! Lovely colour and looks like the perfect size.


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