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Monday, August 15, 2011

Project Re-Style #32, Open back shirt.

Welcome to Project Re-Style day.!
My favorite day.  
I have seen so many of these shirts around that I had to try and make one myself. Now, I know this style is for a certain age and believe me, I will not be sporting this shirt around without a tank, or maybe as a bathing suit cover up.  But,  for the younger generation, it is fun Summer shirt, and  an easy way to change up and old tee-shirt you might be tired of.
As always the details about 
Project Re-style 
will be at the end of this post. 



Things you need
1. Tee-shirt
2. Scissors
3. Ribbon or extra knit material for the bow.
4. Sewing machine

 1. Cut out the collar

2. Flip the shirt over, cut a straight line up the back to about 3 inches from the collar.

3. Cut the sleeves
4. Take your two pieces and overlap them at the bottom.  I overlapped them about 4 inches, but if your shirt is bigger you can go in more.
5. Sew them together at the bottom.  I used the original hem as a guideline.
6. Tie a bow at the top. using your ribbon or extra material.

 And that is it.!
Super quick and
pretty easy.

now you have a new open back Tee.

32 down 20 to go

click the picture for all the details
about Project Re-Style.
I hope your Monday is beautiful!!


  1. Long time no comment! I keep going back under the same rock :D This would be cute for the beach! Hope you're doing well!

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  2. Nice that you combined it with a green top underneath. Ever wonder why designers & stylist market clothes but no underwear? Are the clothes so expensive, we can't afford a bra anymore? LOL


  3. Do you think this would work if you just cut it through the middle, not cutting the bottom so you wouldn't have to sew it?

    1. Hey Rachel I did another open back shirt that you don't have to sew. It is the criss cross Back Tee. http://wobisobi.blogspot.com/2013/06/no-sew-crisscross-back-t-shirt-diy.html
      Love Anne

    2. I've already seen it, I was thinking that you could definitely do this exact same thing without cutting the bottom. I'm gonna try it, I'll let you know if it works out.

      ps - your shirt surgeries are awesome!

    3. Thank you so much Rachel, I would love to see:)


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