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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Wall

My sister in law and I went on a little adventure to get some shots of this amazing wall that I saw the other day. Of course, all around where I am right now are wonderful antique shops, quaint restaurants and scenery to die for. It makes you want to drink some sweet tea, rocking in a rocker.  This Wall and another red and white checkered wall, were so beautiful I had to have myA take some shots for me.. 
Thank you A, for doing such a fantastic job.. 

Shirt -Target
Vest -I made HERE
Ankle zip Jeans -Marshall's
Purse- Target
Gold sandals - American Eagle
Cat eye Sunnies -Target.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!


  1. I love those photos of you! I think this is my favorite style shot to date, but thats probably because its so close to my style.
    I've been meaning to ask you. On the double wrapped bracelets things is it rhinestone chains you use? Where do buy them, I really want to make them.

  2. I love the walls! They are so cool... Would love to take a picture of them.. Also love the outifit :)

  3. What an interesting place. Where are you?

  4. what a great place. i love quaint stores and street art. this wall was definitely photo-worthy!


  5. aw, yay sister field trips!!! love the pics anne, you look great and the wall is a fantastic backdrop


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