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Monday, August 29, 2011

Project Re-Style #33 Antique Doily turned into a Small clutch.

Happy Monday as always Everyone!!
Welcome to Project Re-Style Monday, # 33.  
This weeks Re-Style project is something that came to me in a dream. I woke up one day last week and had a vision of  a small clutch  that looked like a antique doily.  So What did I do?  I made one with an antique doily, and some leather of course.

Things You Need
1. Doily
2. Leather~ the same size as the doily you are using, and a little extra for embellishments.
3. Leather hole punch
5.Magnetic snaps
6.Needles (one big and one small one)
7.Waxed thread
8.Glue E6000
9.Scissors (Not Shown.)
10.Sewing Machine

1. Cut out your leather to match the shape of your doily.
2.Make sure the doily fits just a tad bigger then your leather.


3. fold your leather in half, put a small amount of glue on your leather
4. punch holes down both sides
5.with needle and waxed thread stitch the sides together.
6.  take the  inside, bottom corners, and stitch them straight across
7. then turn right side out.
8. fold in one flap to the inside of the purse, I glued this piece down.

9 Now sew the doily with a smaller needle and some matching thread, just like the leather. You are going to set the leather purse into the doily sleeve.
10.  With my sewing machine, I stitched the doily to the leather.

11. Add your magnetic snaps. instructions for that HERE
12. I added an extra piece of leather to the inside flap, to hide the snap and for extra support. 
13. I made some tassels( instruction HERE for those),  I punched a hole and added them to the front of the clutch.

~and that is it~ 
all done.

A little leather, a little lace.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.
I am praying for those who are dealing with Irene, and the after math.

33 down 19 to go
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  1. OOh you outdo yourself each time Anne! This one is fabulous, how do you come up with these ideas!

    Sadie x

  2. I love t his clutch! It is absolutely darling.

  3. This clutch is so cute, I love it.
    You did an amazing job Anne.

  4. Ok, I take back my previous comment about the last clutch you posted...because now THIS one is my favourite. Great job~

  5. hi there nice blog and what a lovely DIY clutch,check out mines http;//mwanwan.blogspot.com follow it if u like it or like my fb page www.facebook.com/mwanwanmw
    love from Hong Kong

  6. Love, Love, Love your clutch!!!! You are awesome! Keep it up!
    Autumn @ Graceful rantings of a clutch

  7. Totally LOVE this clutch! great job!!!!

  8. I LOOOOOOVE THIS! I kind of have a very soft spot for doiles :D add the leather and I'm in heaven!

  9. great idea to use doilies:)
    this will be an inspiration for me:)
    I need something now to create...


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