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Monday, May 21, 2012

Belt Bracelet,DIY

 The funny story is, I was with my Mom, Grandmother and good friend Elaine having coffee. Walking up to the table, we were all saying our hello's and something felt very strange around my waist. I looked down and my belt had just said it's final  goodbye as a belt,~ broken~ right off the belt buckle.  Everyone looked at me, laughed and shouted out "RE-STYLE!!"
 I still smile every time I think of it. 
Of course this belt has lots of life left. 
Let's breathe new life into this poor, broken belt  and turn it into a bracelet.

Things you need.

I trimmed off the broken leather

Measure your wrist

 cut the leather in a half circle.

with the leather hole punch,
Punch a hole at the end.

I used a large rhinestone stud,
  I put that through the hole and placed the back on it.

place the bracelet ~rhinestone down~ on a wood cutting board or a piece of wood, 
lightly hammer the metal back to fuse it with the rhinestone.
The rhinestone keeps the leather from sliding, once you put it on, like a clasp.

All finished, super easy
and you re- purposed.

Have a great Monday.
Lots of <3,
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  1. I used to have a few bracelets like these :), so cool.

    P.S. Enter my awesome international giveaway http://drastic-plastic-fantastic-plastic.blogspot.com/2012/05/giveaway-from-sheinside.html

  2. Okay, I may seriously have to try this one. I LOVE this...I love leather bracelets anyway and this one is just beautiful! Hugs! ~ Serene

    1. Thank you so much Serene, you are an angle:)

  3. Beyond clever - thank you for posting this! Now I know what to do with all my ratty old belts!


  4. wow how clever! My husband loves buying belts and there taking over our closet! great idea to turn them into something we can share :)


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