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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easy, Bead Bracelet. DIY

I made some fun, colorful and easy, bead bracelets and just thought I would share.

Things you need

  1. Beads
  2. Cord
  3. Scissors
 Cut your cord about 22 inches long.
 Arrange your beads

 Tie a loose knot at one end of the cord just so the beads will not fall off.
You will untie this knot  after you string your beads
 String your beads
 Tie a knot on each side, to keep the beads in place.
Cut another length of cord about 10 inches long.

  make a slip knot~ using  the square knot.

 right side over
 left side under

 right side under..
left side over...
tie about eight or nine knots


Tie a regular knot on the underside
Place a little glue on the knot.

  More detailed instructions on Square knots 

Tie two beads on the cords.

 Now you have bright color to add to any outfit.

Color makes me very happy.:)
Sailor Sam will be sharing his week with you later tonight.
Be sure and come back to see what fun adventures he has been up to.
Lots of <3,

Some other fun bracelets to make 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, I am so into bright colors right now.

  2. Oooh, nice. I love this bracelet. And the colours are fab. Your knotting technique is very impressive!!



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