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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam on Monday; Happy Birthday!

This week was a very special week because Sailor Sam Celebrated a Birthday.
I  am still unsure of  how old he is because when I found him 
he had no memory of when he was made, born. 
But he did remember that his Birthday was May 10.
Let us go and see what a great Birthday week he had.

Monday we took Sailor Sam to Dinner at our favorite place, Carrabba's
 He ate spinach and goat cheese pizza.
and limoncello bread pudding for dessert.
It was so good.

Wednesday we made up invitations to Sailor Sam's  Birthday Party, and mailed them.

 Saturday all of Sailor Sam's friends came to his Rockin-Birthday Party.
First, they all sang Happy Birthday to Sailor Sam, 
then he blew out the candles on his chocolate, strawberry cake.

 Everyone ate a huge piece of cake, it was sooooo yummy.

 Then we all played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey."

  After the game Sailor Sam opened his gifts. 
 He was so excited he got a new telescope.
"Thank you everyone, your the best friends ever.!"

After opening his gifts, Ava put on some dance music 
and they all danced the night away..

 until they where all pooped out.

 Then Sailor Sam thanked all of his friends for a wonderful party 
and wished them Adieu.
 On Sunday Sailor Sam made me this card.
"I just love you Sailor Sam" I told him.

Sailor Sam and Max also made me a big cup of coffee 
and gave me this new shimmer body lotion,
 it smells YUM!!!!

 that night as I tucked Sailor Sam and Max into bed, Sailor Sam said to me
" I had such a wonderful week, thank you Anne.
The only thing missing at my Birthday party was
 that would have made the day perfect."
" I know Sailor Sam, I know. 
 Hopefully we will get to see her very soon."  I told him.
"Sweet dreams you two, sleep well.
"Night, night, Anne."  they both said with a yawn., 
and they fell fast asleep.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.
Lots of <3,

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