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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam. A fun week.

  Monday, Sailor Sam was needing a little face work so  had to take  him to get his face fixed.

 That's better Sailor Sam.

 Tuesday, we took a trip to the store.

 We bought one of our favorite teas.

 Planked on peanut butter,

 and ate a Jelly Belly.

 Wednesday, Sailor Sam took out his telescope to checked out the Moon that was so bright.

 He went to get Max to have him take a look.
" WOW, Sailor Sam that Moon is so beautiful." Max Said

 Thursday, Sailor Sam was planking again,
 this time on an Apple.

 Friday,  when I woke up, I found Sailor Sam asleep in the bowl of sour jelly beans.
"Oh Sam." I said

Later that day, Sailor Sam helped me with some jobs around the house.
"Thanks, Sailor Sam."

 Saturday we played UNO, and had so much fun...

 Then we watched a movie . 

After our movie, I tucked Sailor Sam in bed with his new stuffed animal, Coco.
"Good Night Sailor Sam, Sweet Dreams. "

What a great day, and a fun week.
I hope your weekend was wonderful.
Lots of <3,

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