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Monday, November 28, 2011

Project Re-Style # 46, Faux Fur, Infinity Scarf.

Happy Monday to all of you!
I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as fantastic as mine.
Anytime I can spend with my whole family, is time that  I enjoy and  cherish, the only thing I would love is that I could do it more often.  
This weeks inspiration has come from the cooler weather that is about to approach us.  Granted, life in Florida is much milder than a lot of places, but it does get quite cold here and once in a while you need a little, warm, fuzzy scarf to keep your neck warm.

How is this a Re-Style, you ask?

The material that I am using on this project, was a Blanket.  I used part of this blanket  on another Re-Style, about a year ago HERE.

Things you need
1. Fur
2. Scissors
3. Safety Pin
4. Needle and thread to match
5. Sewing machine

 Lay out your blanket or piece of fur.
Cut a piece 4 feet long by 1 foot wide.
The outer edge was already hemmed, so I just hemmed the one side with the sewing machine.
Place the right sides of the end pieces together,
Pin it with a large safety pin to hold it,
then  sew it,  using a blind stitch.

Blind stitch instructions HERE

 oooo la laa:)
  Just like that, 
you are all done!!
Something warm and classic for winter.

46 down 6 to go!
Click on the picture above for all the 
details about
Project Re-Style.

I  hope you all had a wonderful Monday!
Lots of <3


  1. I have a scrap of faux fur I've been holding on to for almost 2 years now. This is the project that'll actually make me do something with it! Thanks Anne!!

  2. great DIY! fantastic post :) definitely following your blog! hopefully you will follow mine back :)


  3. waaooww such a great diy idea,thanks you for sharing:)


  4. Ooooo looks so cozy! Especiall for up here in PA - although it's in the 60's today - that's rare & this piece would def come in handy over the next 4, 5, 6 (??) months! Thx for your inspiration!
    p.s. 6 more restyles to go??!! That's it?? You'll have to start over again so we can see more!!

  5. Only 6 left?!?!?! That is sad!! I hope you keep doing them!!

  6. Hi Anne,
    I´m from Spain (excuse for my English,is not very good XD). I love all your tutorials, help to me very much to learn more off the costume world. I try to make this beautiful scarf :)
    Thank you soo much for this cute blog.


  7. You do these things and I wonder how I did not think of them before. I am sooooo doing this! Also! that anonymous comment is too sweet! And I 100% echo her sentiment.

  8. Zuni, thank you so much for your sweet comment, it made my whole week... I appreciate all of you so much for being so supportive.. I really can't thank you enough for all of your positive feed back. I love doing this blog more than anything., so when I receive comments like this it makes my soul smile....

  9. Great! Also, love how you reuse existing hems.


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