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Friday, November 18, 2011

I Love you like a Love song, Baby.

 Black Skinny's, Tank,Sweater and Purse ~Target , Leather ballet  Flats -Dillard's  sunnies~ Cole Haan
  Earrings~ I made, Leather cuff Bracelet ~I made HERE.  Heart and Key Bracelet~ Mr. WobiSobi gave me yesterday.
( Wasn't that so sweet.)

I was  just about finished taking my post, pictures  when Mr. WobiSobi came home from work.  He walked right up to me, unsurprised  that  the camera timer was beeping away,  and he handed me a Black Box. "Here", he said, " I bought you something. "  With a shocked, smile on my face, I opened it, and a beautiful Heart and Key bracelet was staring at me. 
WOW !!How sweet is that.?  Thank you K for thinking of me.:
 And Thank you, Selena Gomez, for your catchy song.( one of my latest guilty pleasures.)
Lots of <3,


  1. Well done, Mr. Wobisobi!

  2. Don't you love when they surprise you.....so romantic! btw.... Love your out fit today & song. Have a fab weekend Anne!

  3. Amazing top and love how you carry the bag. you look very beautiful in the first shoot.

  4. Awww!! Such a sweetie you have there, Mrs. Wobisobi! Then again, it's not hard is to love someone like you! You're one classy lady! ;)



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