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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Leather, Collar Necklace DIY

I have seen so many cute collar necklace DIY's lately, incuding
Then I saw a necklace or what looked like a necklace in Valentino's fall 2011 show,

 loved it.
 wanted it.
 made it.
Things you need
1. Scrap leather at least 12 inches long and 2 inches wide.
2.Leather hole punch
5.Jump Rings
6. Clasp
7. Chain ( I had left over chain from my Vintage Purse DIY HERE)

(Mine is not exactly the same~ I changed it to fit my style)
First measure your neck and  cut out the shape you want.

 Using you leather hole punch ~Punch holes

 Add your jump rings ~ Chain~ and Clasp.

 I wanted to be able to wear it both ways up or down.

Super easy and  trendy for pennies.
Have a great Tuesday.
Lots of <3!


  1. This is super cool! Love it. I'm really glad you shared at the party~

  2. VERY fashionable!!!

    Sadie x


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