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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boots and Bows

 Yep!! my feet are still there.
Sheer shirt~ Forever,  Jacket~ Target, Sequined tank~ Marshall's
Boots, Durango, Sunnies~ Cole Haan

 I made this bow because I coveted one that  I saw in my November, InStyle Magazine, this month. (instructions on how I did that HERE)  I am also bringing out my favorite jeans, that have appeared to come back into style. These Flared leg, Express jeans are super comfortable and were acquired about 5 years ago when I worked for Express.  I know all of you girls have heard the saying ," If you keep it long enough, it will come back in style,"Well I guess my favorite comfy jeans can come out of the dark side of my closet now..I  know, I know that is not true for all of our clothing items, but jeans just always seem to sneak back around. 
And on another note: I am not real sure WHY I am so fascinated with these boots. ( also ancient).  I am just really loving everything about them A.T.M. 
Wow!!My taste in clothes really does a 360 sometimes.
Have a great Sunday,
see you tomorrow for 
Re-Style Monday.
Lots of <3,


  1. Super chic!. Love this outfit: comfi, cute and trendy. I want a bow like this!.

  2. ah i love the bow tie necklace! so innovative and cute!


  3. OMG sequins under sheer kind of brilliant!!! will totally adopt that into my wardrobe.


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