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Monday, November 14, 2011

Project Re-Style # 44 Re-Style your earrings

Do  you have that one pair of hoop earrings  that are past their prime, or are starting to turn a weird,  color?   I did, so I decided to change them into something else.
Welcome everyone,
to Re-Style week number #44.
 The other day, I saw some earrings just like this at Charlotte Russe.
Making these took me about 15 minutes and if you have chain already~ Free is  the name of the game, if you don't, it will cost you about $3.21 for the chain.

Things you need

 Use your pliers and make two lengths of chain ~ My chain was 5 inches for each earring.

 weave the chain onto you earring.

 and now do the other one.
Then, guess what?  you are all done!

See, a 15 minute Re-Style.
I love easy and 
of course recycling
something old into
something new.

44 down 8 to go
 Click on the picture above 
for all the details 
about Project Re-Style.

Have a wonderful
Lots of <3


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