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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Rope Planter/Container with Lid

 These little rope containers/baskets  are so addicting to make.  I ran out of rope yesterday and literally tried to think of where I could go and buy more  but guess what???   everything, right now is closed down by  6 or 7pm here.
When I head out, to get paint, tomorrow I am most definitely buying lots more ROPE.  I  really want a  big basket to put all my yarn in. How cute would this be in super size.?  I made a similar basket/ planter the other day Link HERE.

 I made this little one to have a lid because I wanted the versatility of a container as well as a planter, so here we are...making lids...  for the  the baskets I created.

Can you say E.A.S.Y.  I  just went ahead and did the tutorial for both in one post.  Have a beautiful weekend.

Video HERE:


Things You Need
  • Large Rope
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (Low temp)
  • Scissors
  • Pom Pom Trim


  •  Start by rolling and gluing the rope in a circle.

  • Make the bottom as large as you want. 
  • When you start to go up , start to glue on top of the rope  directly across from where you started the circle.

  •  Glue and circle up to the height you desire
  •   Trim the rope at the top at a diagonal.
  •  Glue the rope down

  •  Measure and cut the pom pom trim to the desired length. (leave a little extra so the ends can be glued and folded over for a clean edge.) 


  • Make a loop 

  • Start to wrap and glue the rope around the loop.

  • Keep wrapping and gluing until the circle is just a little bigger than the top of the basket.

  •  Measure a piece of rope the fit the inside of the container.
  • Cut the rope at a diagonal  and glue the rope together.

  • Glue the circle to the bottom of the lid.

  • Trim any excess rope if needed.

Fill with whatever you desire.

Have fun making.
Lots of Love.


  1. These are adorable, thank-you for sharing the tutorial.
    Stay Healthy


    1. Thank you Catherine, Wishing you Health as well.. XXOO

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