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Friday, May 22, 2020

DIY, Pom Pom Sandals.

How Cute are these little Pom Pom Slides.? I have been wanting to make these little shoes for so long and finally...  I finished them and   just in time for the warm weather.  The Pom Poms are also  easily changeable, so if you do not like the neutral colors  changing out  them  to different colors would be a super easy fix.

Any way you look at it,  this is a fun  and easy way to dress up a plain pair of mules.

Video for this DIY HERE

Sending out Love and Light to you all

Things You Need

  • Wicker or Weaved  Slides or Mules
  •  Neutral color yarn in two colors
  • 3 different size Pom Pom makers  to make 6 Pom Poms
  • Scissors
  • Glue( Optional)

  • Make 2 Pom Poms size 35
  • 2- Pom Poms size 45
  • 2-Pom poms size 65, 
        ( The Size is on top of the Pom Pom maker)

  • Add the larger Pom Pom in the middle of the shoe
  •  Tie a double knot underneath.

  •  Add a drop of glue to secure the knot

  •  Add the other two Pom Poms

  •  Tie and secure with glue 
  • Cut off any excess yarn

I can not wait to wear them. 



  1. How easy is it to change with the glue added?

    1. you would have to cut the ones off and to put new ones on. But it is as easy as just cutting.
      Great question

  2. I love the idea and would have a problem not to wear them straight away :) so simple and such a WOW effect!

    1. :)) Yes mee to... I wore them all afternoon and my husband asked when he returned home from work. "Are those NEw Shoes ?" I just smiled and said "No sir."

    2. very good! he should be happy - you save some money in home budget :D
      I wonder to do that with my flip-flops for summer :)


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