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Monday, May 4, 2020

Double Tied, One Shoulder Tee

One shoulder tops are always so flattering,  the line draws your eye up to the face and accents the collar bone.  I love one shoulder Tee's and  tanks as much as the next person. There is something about spring and the warmer weather that just screams one shoulder tanks. Luckily making them is very simple and   all you need is a tee shirt and a pair of scissors. Here is just one of the no sew,  one shoulder tee's I have created.   Jump on over HERE to see any of the other tee's  you might want to create.

Video HERE

Things You Need

  • Tee Shirt 
  • Scissors

  • Cut the shirt in a diagonal
  • Cutting a v into the shoulder

  • Cut 4 inches off the bottom 

  • The bottom cut 6 to 7 inches up the side seam. (This can be adjusted to size and shape)
  • Cut a diagonal line in to the middle from the corner.

  •   Tie it up

  •  On the back of the tank I cut the V slightly lower

  • Criss Cross and tie

  • This can be adjusted and cut down if needed, which is the best thing about no sews.

These cute little tanks look really good with high waisted jeans or pants where  you have just a- peek a boo- pop of skin showing.

The best part is it's saving you money .This grey tee was a steal at Walmart for $4.00.
Wishing you all Health.


  1. Anne: This would look so cute over a tee shirt, what a sweet design.
    Stay Healthy


  2. Thanks for sharing this informative information about single shoulder tank tops with us. It's very helpful. Keep it up!

  3. Awesome...love how u showed every step...great job..


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