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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday's With Sailor Sam: The Busy Day.

 "Good Morning Sailor Sam.  Time to rise and shine , we have lots to do today." I said
"Can we go see my friends at the Toy Store today?" Sam asked  "Sure thing Sam!" I replied

 We started our day at the toy store, visiting some of Sailor Sam's friends.

 Can you believe Sailor Sam knows Superman....
Batman AND Cat Woman! 
Well he does.

 After the Toy Store, we had a quick lunch. 
"Eat some of your Pizza,  Sailor Sam, before you have any Chocolate covered Craisins." I told him.
 After lunch Sailor Sam and I made our lists for the Grocery store.
 I always let Sailor Sam pick at least ONE thing from his list.. 
Well OK, TWO!
  After the Grocery store, we returned home to put away all the groceries. 
"Why are you always PLANKING on food Sailor Sam?!" I asked. 
He Said "Because it makes you SMILE, and I like to see you Smile."

" Thank you Sailor Sam, I do  like to Smile!"

 After all of those sweets, Sailor Sam wanted Ava the Aerobics  teacher
to come over and give him a private workout class.
 Great Job Sailor Sam!
 "You have Great form Sailor Sam."  Ava Said
"Thanks, Ava!!"  Sam Replied.
 After his workout, Sailor Sam wanted me to take his picture with this new Car From Ford,
"One day, Sailor Sam,"  I said " maybe you will have one!"
 That night, Sailor Sam wanted to help me edit some pictures and video for my blog.
"Does that angle make me look fat?" Sailor Sam asked.  "NO Sam, it doesn't, you Silly" I replied.

After a very long day of visiting friends and editing for my blog,  
I looked over and found  Sailor Sam fast asleep.
So I tucked him into bed.  
"Night, Night Sailor Sam."  I whispered.  "See you Tomorrow."
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  1. Hey lovely,

    I LOVE the video tutorial that you put together for the no-sew vest below. It looked incredibly professionally put together AND I love the vest too AND I love Keane as well! All in all I think Sailor Sam would give it a big thumbs up!!


  2. This is certainly one of the cutest blog posts I have ever seen. Thanks for the super cleverishness as well as all the effort to bring Sam to life. I surely enjoyed my little glimpse of his day. Sublime.


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