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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam: Animal Adventures.

 On Monday, Sailor Sam woke up with a headache and a stuffy nose. 
"Back to bed Sam, until you feel better." I told him.

 Tuesday, Sailor Sam was all better,
 and enjoying all the Valentines he received from his many  "Girl-Friends." 
That Sam is such a stud.

 Sailor Sam even received a bouquet Flowers. 
Lucky Sam!

 Wednesday, Sailor Sam got to meet Ava, our Blind Cat.

 and, he also got some new Bling
"Looking good SAM!"

 Thursday, While Sam and I were discussing different necklace lengths,
  He was able to meet Baby kitty, Pumpkin.
"Hello there Pumpkin, Please don't eat me!."
"Not to worry Sailor Sam, Pumpkin only kills mice." I told him.

 We also met Mr. Fuzzy, the white Owl.

Friday, I caught Sailor Sam Pretending to be Harry Potter.
I love it when Sailor Sam uses his Imagination.

 On Saturday, after a very, long day at work, I came home to find 
out  that Sailor Sam  had played 7 straight hours on the Xbox.
 "OK Sailor Sam, No more Gaming for you for the rest of the week." I scolded.

 Before falling a sleep that night, Sailor Sam and I caught up on some reading.
Sailor Sam was reading about Turkey Hunting, and I was practicing my Speech.

 Sunday Morning I caught Sailor Sam Smelling the new coffee that I had bought from Starbucks,
Casi Cielo.   Mmm,  It smells so good, with Lemon and Dark Cocoa notes.
Let's have a cup of coffee Sam.

A little later, I caught Sailor Sam and Cola, our Chocolate Lab,  looking out the window together.
I think they are becoming best friends.
Awww, isn't that so sweet.?
What a wonderful week.

Lots of <3,


  1. Cutest Sailor Sam pics ever!!! I love the the sweethearts! You ule!

  2. aww!! I love the harry potter one and the last one! :) Sailor Sam = made my day.


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