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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam. Adventures Outside.

Let's see what Sailor Sam has been up to this week.

On Sunday, Sam invited Ava and Eddie over to watch The Super Bowl.

Monday, we saw a Big, Purple Dragon. 

 Tuesday,  Sailor Sam met Avery for the first time.
"She's the cutest, baby ever." Sam said.

 Avery thought Sam was pretty cute too.
OH nooooooo. !!!!
"It's OK Anne" Sam said.  
" I am a Sailor I can take it."
"You are a trooper, Sailor Sam."  I told him.

 Thursday, we went for a walk outside and saw so many awesome things,
like a giant bunny...

 Some pretty red flowers.
 Sailor Sam even got to climb a tree.

 "WOW! Sam,  you are so high.  Be careful." I told him.

After our walk outside, Sam was hungry, 
so we ate some chocolate covered Pretzels. YUM!

 Saturday, Sam met up with Eddie.  
Eddie was going to teach Sailor Sam how to Fish.
Sam was soooo excited.

 "Nice job Sailor Sam, you caught your first fish!"

 That night, Sailor Sam made us Sushi!

Sunday, we ate homemade biscuits and gravy.
"YUMMMMMY!, My Favorite." Sailor Sam said.

 A little while later I caught Sailor Sam trying to catch Peter Pan, our Beta Fish.
"No Sam, Peter is our pet, you can't catch him.!" I scolded. 

That night, I tucked Sailor Sam into bed.
Sailor Sam was so tired that he rolled over, and was snoring in just seconds.
"Good Night, Sailor Sam," I whispered. "I Love You!"
Happy Sunday.
Lots of <3,


  1. Bonkers and brilliant! Love it :)

  2. I love chocolate covered Pretzels, so yummy but I don't know why.
    And looks like Sam had a really busy week.


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