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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chain and Rhinestone, Wrapped Bracelet, DIY

Silver with a purple cord
Antiqued bronze chain with a black cord.

I love the look of two chains with a layer of rhinestone in the middle.
 I have made a couple different versions of this.
 Here is one of them.

Things you need
  1. Cord (Wal-mart)
  2. Flat chain (Michaels)
  3. Large needle
  4. Two large jump rings (Michaels)
  5. One large clasp (Michaels)
  6. Rhinestone chain( Wal-mart)
  7. Pliers
  8. Glue

 Measure your chain
Mine measured 6 inches
 measure two pieces of chain
and one length of rhinestone
all three  about 6 inches
with your pliers add one of large jump rings onto one end.
Thread your needle,
~ you don't need to have a needle, it just makes it easier for me~
 to start:
 weave the cord through the second link of chain and tie a slip knot.
 it will look like this.

 I made this make shift hook to hang on a tall glass.
Gravity helps this go much easier.

Now, I start up through the back, down through the front wrapping the rhinestone with the cord.
Continue this all the way to the end: Stopping at the next to the last length of chain. 
I turn the bracelet around and tighten the cord with my needle from the back.. starting at the top and working my way down

Tie a knot at the back, secure with a drop of glue.

 the back looks like this.

with your pliers add your other jump ring and your large clasp.

and your finished!
Wear and enjoy.
Have a wonderful Tuesday.
Lots of <3,


  1. so awesome! thanks for sharing!


  2. I know the main focus is on the bracelet, but I love the circle ring, so cute.

    P.S. Enter my awesome giveaway, win some bling!

  3. Great DIY - love the result :)

    Sadie xx

  4. Love this! Gotta try making one of my own!

  5. I have to tell you I just finished one and it came out absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for the great info!!!!!!!

    1. Awesome. Thank you so much!! I would love to see it.
      Have a great day.


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