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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday With Sailor Sam: Sam gets Lost

First and Foremost, I have fantastic news to report.
  If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you know this news already, But if not,
~Sailor Sam was Found Thursday at Bob Evans. 
The Story goes like this.
 I had a really busy Monday, a small speech,
 then I had to take my Daughter to the airport, to Fly off to England. :(
After the speech and before the airport we stopped to get a bite to eat, at Bob Evans, where I  apparently  had left Sailor Sam in his case,on the floor, under the table. I did not realize he was missing until,
Wednesday, when I was leaving work.  I went straight to my car and I checked it immediately
~ Nothing~ "HOME,he has to be at home." Then When I got home, I did a complete house search.  Still No Sam.  
Now panic starts to set in and I thought for sure
 or he was cold, on the ground somewhere, just exactly the way I found him.
I can't Believe it!
I had lost him.
How careless of me to loose something  that I love.
Mini breakdown!
After having  a restless night, I woke up feeling very somber.
  Then this wonderful thing happened. So many amazing people that follow me, were sending me emails of encouragement telling me , that I would find Sailor Sam.  My Cousin and her art department at work, even made a missing persons poster for me, so that I could place it on my site.
After a full morning of worry, A light blub went on.
 I decided to call  the only place we stopped at,  just to check and see if he was there. I knew this was a long shot, not to mention the people at Bob Evans  would think I am slightly off my rocker, for carrying around a little mini lego man. To my surprise, a wonderful woman named Sami,( I know really weird, her name was Sami)   who answered the phone, was the same person who found Sailor Sam.  She also said that she thought he was the cutest thing, and she put him with all the rest of the lost toys.
Then she told me she would go and get him right away and that  he would be waiting for me
 when I came to pick him up.
WOW, is all I can say.
I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. 
 So many people have connected over Little Sailor Sam.
Why do think that is?
For me, Sam makes me Smile.
He makes me Stop thinking about the everyday worry and stress I have,
 Even if it is just for a brief moment in time.
I hope He does the same for all of you too.
 Why do I love Sailor Sam.?
Well, because I just do.
Now Lets See how Sam gets lost.

 Monday Morning, Sailor Sam and I got up very early, so he can help me go over my notes.
When I was finished with my Speech, we drove Hannah to the Airport, stopping by Bob Evans for a bite to eat.

Tuesday, I did not see Sailor Sam at all.

Wednesday, I noticed Sailor Sam was missing.
 I began to look everywhere for him. I mean Everywhere!!!
Then I immediately put out a APB.
Cathy, my Cousin, and her Art department, made me this poster,
so that I could distribute it everywhere.
 I then had to tell Ava and Eddie the bad news.
"Sailor Sam is Missing." I said
 They both took it very hard. "OH No!!" Ava said.

 Then  we all organized a search party.
"lets go find Sailor Sam"

Thursday, after along morning of searching,
 Sailor Sam was found at Bob Evans.
Thank you Sami, for finding Sailor Sam!!

 I missed you Sailor Sam!!!
Thank goodness you are Safe!!!

 Ava and Eddie were so happy to see Sam.
"Welcome home Sailor Sam, we were so worried." they told him.

After being gone for so long, Sailor Sam was hungry,
 so I gave him a chcolate cookie, shaped like a bear.

Friday, we took Sailor Sam to lunch, he wanted wings.

Friday night, before Sailor Sam  ate his banana, I caught him planking on it.
"I am so glad you are HOME Sam, your planking makes me Smile." I told him.

 Saturday morning, while I was using Sea Salt to cook with, Sailor Sam said that Sea Salt reminded him of his many trips, traveling on the Ocean.

 Saturday evening, while I was working on the computer, Sailor Sam was up to his old tricks.
This time on a disco Ball, which made me Smile!

That night, after his bath, and brushing his teeth, I tucked Sailor Sam into bed.
"Night, Night, Sailor Sam.  I am So sorry.  I promise to never lose you again."
He replied  " It's Ok,  we all get lost Sometimes.  I knew you would find me."
Then Sailor Sam fell fast asleep.

And for all of you out there, I just want you to know ....
 Happy Sunday.
Lots of <3


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