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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Side and Shoulder Tied Shirt

 Here is another super easy top you can make in 5 minutes, completely adjustable and the best part is that it is another no sew.   I made a video for this one so all of you out there who hate to read instructions ( Like Me),can just sit there and watch it all unfold. HERE
Sick of them yet? Sorry My mind just can't stop.
I am currently packing for a  fun filled, girls weekend in  O-Town and I am so excited I could POP.  I haven had a weekend with just girls in a really long time and I can not wait to sit around  and  laugh uncontrollably, talk and maybe cry a little. All I need is two outfits and I am struggling. I mean who just packs two outfits. What if I change my mind and feel like wearing something completely different? Which I usually do. I really want to find a cute Maxi dress with sleeves and peep toe booties. I think I will wander off tonight and go look for one.    I am not really sure what the weekend will entail but I know  just being around these women will be magnificent and revitalizing. Don't you just love making  memory's like that?  Life has been a little stressful lately and I think this will be a great way to just take a deep breath and separate myself from all of the crazy. The one thing I am so thankful for such a wonderful, supportive family. They are crazy, unpredictable, funny, surprising, but always the first people there when you need help.  I am so very lucky to have a Mom and Dad who are so supportive and love so unconditionally. I Thank God everyday for them..
I hope you all have a beautiful, relaxing, fun Weekend too.
Oh,! and for those  peeps who like written instructions, Full, easy tutorial below.

Things you Need.
  •  T-Shirt Hanes *This one is a Men's medium
  • Chalk
  • Ruler
  • Scissors.
  •  Lay the shirt on a flat surface
  • Make a diagonal line from under the arm to the top of the collar
  • Make a zig zag at the top of the shoulder.
  • Mark the side of the shirt every 4 inches
  • Halfway in between your 4 inches: measure in horizontally  3 inches: Make a dot.
  • Make a zig zag with your chalk
  • Cut it out.
  • Tie the points together.
  • Fini

Want to see some more easy, 5 minute t-shirts.?

Lots of <3


  1. Anne, I love your stuff! I've been following your work for about 3 years and have so much respect for your blog. I just started my own website and blog. I would like to do tutes as well. Do you have any suggestions/warnings/wisdom for beginners?

  2. Hey Kate, Thank you so much..
    One thing is just don't give up. Blogging can get kind of discouraging at times, but if you have a passion, and it brings you happiness just keep focusing on what you love and keep blogging.
    It could take five years to build so be prepared to go for the long haul. Building up you site and your followers could take a while or it could happen overnight. Just be prepared for both.
    Make sure you are in all of the social media sites so people can find you whatever their favorite platform is.
    Blog at least 3 times a week at first. I am down to once or twice a week now but that is only because I also work another full time job. I try to blog on my days off.
    Bottom line if you love doing it and it is your passion, you will succeed.
    Just don't give up.
    All the best of luck to you. Sending positive vibes your way.
    Send me your Website link, I would love to see.
    All my love,

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ann, I love your work .. question: I sew and am trying to open a store on line where I can display thru esty an sell my items .. how long did it take to build your inventory? develope your site, blog an basically get everything going. akolbs1@hotmail.com your advice is greatly appreciated.
    xoxo Annette

  5. Love the shirt and am dying to know, what bra are you wearing with it? I have been struggling a good strapless!

  6. Woww..I love all of it!! It's simply so cute and you wear them well!! Thank you so much for sharing!!


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