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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Low Carb Update.

Ok, LOW CARB Update:
Body and weight is  not always easy for me to talk about, but I feel I have had such a significant change that I really wanted to say something about it. I didn't even know I had such a change until today when I was editing photos for a post. 
A little over a year ago I started an adventure with myself.  I wanted to get healthier and feel better about myself.  Don't we all?. I did not go into this adventure easily.  I went into this kicking and screaming and not really wanting to do it,  but knowing I had to because I wanted to be supportive of K  My Awesome Husband.  K  needed to cut back on sugar and carbs to lower his cholesterol so he would not have to be put on medicine. This was a Doctors suggestion.  (Yes it did work amazingly his cholesterol is down to a great level and he is feeling superb).   I,  on the other hand, did not have blood pressure or cholesterol issues,  I had Weight, feeling lazy and out of shape issues.  Not something I wanted to have going into my 50's.
Timing is everything. A beach trip was coming up and I though easy, peasy, no carbs, no problem.  I will looses 20 pounds in no time, it will be easy and  I wont have to exercise.  HA, HA HA,...,  California dreaming at its finest.
What started as a simple easy, adventure turned into a very difficult  Lifestyle,  Metamorphosis.  This was not just a physical change but a super duper reboot to my computer brain change.  Imagine taking out all of the parts to your computer, reprogramming the motherboard, the video card hard-drive, memory and  then putting it all back in,  but doing it one item at a time, which will take you over a year.  Yeah, Grueling to think about.. Cutting carbs alone is pure murder.  It is going to effect you like if you were going through a drug or alcohol  withdrawal,  so I am told.  Let's clear a few things up.. I have never done any kind of drug.  I can't even take pain medicine or NyQuil. super sensitive to any of that and just recently I stopped taking Advil unless I am on a pain scale of 10.
Once you Start this Low Carb/ No Sugar adventure you will hate everything, you will have a headache, stomach ache, moody, sweating. You will not like your Husband/Wife. You will not like your job, your house, your animals.  Basically you will be wondering about your basic existence, and WHY you are here doing this stupid, stupid low carb thing and not eating a big candy bar.. Your brain will try and convince you that it's stupid and will also try and make you eat anything with sugar and carbs.
You will feel like this for an entire week, maybe longer.
My withdrawal symptoms took about 1 week and a half.  Maybe plan on starting this at time you are off of work or when your husband and kids are away.    But, if you can't do that,  like I couldn't,  than they will all have to suffer through with you crying, yelling, screaming into your pillow: which is really healthy for your soul, I heard.: and they will be wondering why and how  you got so addicted to sugar/carbs... You might even think you need a Therapist. That's  ok  because your brain is getting ready for bigger and better things.
What you gain from this after the two weeks of misery.

  • You think clearer
  • You sleep better
  • You have less mood swings
  • You have less cramping during your period
  • You Start Burning Fat
  • You Feel Less Hungry
  • Your Belly Gets Flatter
  • You Slash Your Risk of Diabetes
  • Your Muscles Get Stronger
  • You Feel More Energized
  • You Reduce your risk of illness 
  • You Slow down the aging process 
  • My Hair started growing in healthier and more of it.  
  • *not sure if that is a normal thing with Low sugar, low carb diets.

I mean WOW, that is not even all of them.

I took it slow.   I also still eat lots of fresh fruit and all vegetables.
I never really exercised  at all until one year in and I never thought I would be saying this but I really look forward to my little exercise  thing I have going. Oh, and that was the last step for me.  If you follow this blog, I have talked about how I hate to exercise, I mean like routine, daily stuff, or a set plan - 50 of these 40 of those..   I love being active but a daily routine of exercise Ohhh no.  Well maybe that was the last piece of my computer parts that I needed to put in.
Some sort of weekly routine did make a huge difference in my shape and strength. (Your thinking, "Umm, Yeah,  your not too smart to think it wouldn't!")  Well yeah I know that now.  I work out with one of those Rubber-band things, at least 4 times a week, nothing real crazy about 20-30 min when I do it. Mostly I am working out my bumm, stomach and arms because those are  things that go most after the age of  45. I still have a pretty good ways  to go before I am as fit as I want..  But I can't quit now. I have too much invested to quit.  I have worked super hard at not going crazy and trying to get into shape, so quitting now or anytime is not an option. I won't bore you all with all the details unless you really want me too.
In that case leave a comment about what you would like to hear about or any questions you have.

I do a form of this diet that fits me.  I do not eat red meat  but maybe once in a blue moon and it is usually organic.

Mostly I eat
  • Organic fruits and veggies
  • Chicken
  •  Fish
  •  Nuts
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Organic dark chocolate
  • Vegetable Pasta *not  a lot but at least once a week.
  • Water
  • Unsweetened tea
  • Coffee

 I am about 5'7"
I started at 158 lbs
6 month mark  148
1 year mark 138
1 year 3 months mark 133.
A few links for low Carb Info
Low Carb Recipes 

Anyone thinking about changing to this lifestyle, just know you can do it. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have never felt better.
 Take baby steps
Don't take everything away at once.
Add something weekly to your do not eat list.
That way you can minimize the withdrawal symptoms.

 Have a Beautiful Day.
Lots of <3!


  1. I so want to try this *again* and be strong enough to stick with it for a change! You've inspired me and I'm giving it another shot. Wish me luck!! ��
    By the way,I love your blog!! Xoxo

    1. Thank you Wendy.. Email me when you need extra help or just someone to share with.

  2. I so want to try this *again* and be strong enough to stick with it for a change! You've inspired me and I'm giving it another shot. Wish me luck!! ��
    By the way,I love your blog!! Xoxo

  3. So proud and happy for you Anne, you are a true warrior. Diets are one of the hardest things a person can start, let alone stay on. Love what you have taken the time to share with others and your end results. YOU LOOK AWESOME, but then I never realized you were ever overweight, so Kudos to you. Best regards and tons of HUGS for wanting to help others with this.

    1. Thank you so much Mary. So Thankful for your sweet support and your kind words.:) XXXOOO

  4. So proud of your progress!! XOXO

  5. Anne, Great job!!! Do you eat any bread or potatoes? I once went 2 years without sugar (I didn't even eat cake on my birthday) on a doctors order. It would be tough to give up rice and potatoes. I have used cauliflower for both. Thanks for sharing your journey. Please post some of your snack recipes. Pat S

    1. Hey Patricia,
      Thank you so much..
      No, I do not eat any potatoes, rice or bread. I do once in a blue moon treat my self to organic bread but I stay away from starches. I am definitely working on a few recipes to post. Thanks again
      <3 A

  6. Hey, do you work with anyone to get your stuff put on shelves? Or is this just a hobby? Please respond to arjrpz@yahoo.com. Thanks!


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