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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Off the Shoulder, Triangle Stud Tee Shirt, DIY

Leftover Tee shirts?
Go create something with them.

 This is the top  half of the of the shrug I made a couple of posts ago.
Skull Necklace DIY HERE.

 Tutorial for that HERE

Things you need.

  1. Tee-Shirt
  2. Studs
  3. Pliers
  4. Scissors
  5. Ruler
  6. Chalk or pencil

Cut the bottom part of your shirt off,
 make it as cropped as you want it.

 Cut off the collar

With my ruler I drew a triangle in the top corner and bottom corner of my shirt.
* use chalk or a pencil.

  I spaced the studs about an inch apart.

I also made the arms a little tighter and held it together with one stud.

Have a great Saturday.
Lots of <3,


  1. You are extremely innovative with your t-shirts. I am a trying your styles even though I am over 29. Love it.

  2. I'm waaaay over 29 and I'm still trying it lol. Love it Anne!

  3. Love...Love...Love your ideas!! i have made a couple of your designs :) Everyone trips out when I tell them it was a T shirt..lol...but you get all the props!! I have saved so much money also so that is awesome

    1. Love when I hear comments like this.. Big hug and thank you:)

  4. This looks really cute. Good job
    xx Tanya

  5. love it!!

    one question about pff shoulder tops!! if u cut the collar and not hem it again, what happens when u wash it? does is shrink? should u hem it?


    1. Hey there, I do not hem mine and it will shrink a little if you wash in hot water and dry it, but I always hang dry my things. I suggest washing it in cold water and hanging it dry if you don't want it to shrink:)

  6. how about normal washing machine -> hang dry? .does that work??


    1. Yes that works fine, cool water not hot.:)

    2. Just a quick question. Where do you find these studs?? I'm assuming most craft stores carry them?

    3. Hey Alisha, I bought theses studs from Hobby Lobby. You can also order them on line.:)

  7. LOVE YOUR IDEAS!!!!! I just found your site off pintrest and I am amazed at how chic you can make tshirts look!!! I'm trying a few of your styles to make my IT Works shirts more classy and fun!

  8. Hi. Love this. :) Question: The shirt you used, is it your normal size or did you go up one size? Thanks!

    1. Hey Marjori, the size of this shirt is a men's medium. I used
      a slightly larger size so it will fall off the shoulder better.
      Have a great day.


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