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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hardware Belt, DIY

While in the Home Depot the other day I ran across a few things I thought would make a great belt.
I literally could spend hours in any hardware store.
I received a few requests on how I  made this,
 so for all of you who wanted to know how I did it, 
you wish is my command.

Things you need
  1. Wire cable HERE Home Depot.
  2. Wire clasp HERE Home Depot.
  3. Snap Hook Swivel Clasp HERE Home Depot.
  4. Wire cutter
  5. Screw driver

  Measure your cable to the waist size you want. 
 My hips measured at 37 inches so I cut the wire 37 inches, 
That way I can wear it around my hips.
I am sure you could always adjust it smaller if you want it waist size.

Open the clamp with your screw driver, weave the end of your wire through 
screw the clamp back down to keep the wire in place. 
This took me a little while to do,(only because it was a little awkward) so don't get discouraged.
The wire would slip out, but keep trying you will get it.

On the other side, add your snap hook swivel clasp, clamp down  the other end of your wire.

 Now you have a unique belt.

Have a wonderful Saturday
Lots of <3,


  1. Love this DIY so edgy...

    Te sugo me puedes seguir?
    I follow u ca you follow back?

  2. This belt is so cooool! This DIY made me wonder, can I do something like that to my boyfriend as a Christmas present. He's a bit obsessed with cars, electricity, offroading etc. so this kind of present would be perfect for him. Have any ideas I could try?

    And thanks so much for your blog. It has given me many new ideas before :)

    -Sonja from Finland-

    1. Sonja, thank you for your comment. I will have to think about how I would do a belt for a man, or something similar. Great Idea.

  3. such a great idea, looks awesome!
    xx Tanya

  4. I only can add: Great DIY!! :)

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