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Monday, October 29, 2012

Liquid Gold Spiders, DIY

About a month ago I made a few Glitter Spider pins *HERE*
  for Halloween and to my surprise everyone wanted one.
 I wanted to revisit the spider pin, but this time
 I wanted them to be liquid gold, thanks to PLAID
You can put these guys pretty much anywhere you want, 
from decorating a table to
a necklace or earrings.

Things you need.
  1. Plastic cupcake spiders * Michaels  6 for $1.99
  2. Liquid gold leaf *PLAID
  3. Q-tips
  4. Pin Backing
  5. Eye pins or wire * not shown
  6. Paper Towels
  7. Hot glue gun.
  8. Pliers for earrings.

Shake up your liquid gold,
Place your spider on a folded paper towel.
 Use your Q-tip and coat your spider top and bottom with paint. 
*Note I used a Q-tip for easy clean up.
 Let dry 2 hours.

 Fill the belly of your spider with hot glue and carefully place your pin backing in the glue
* be careful not to let the pin sink to far in the glue.

 To make the earrings or a necklace.
 I did this

I took my eye pin and using pliers
 I cut it the length I wanted,
bent it,
filled the belly of the spider with glue
  then  placed the folded wire in the glue,
let dry.
Add your earring finding.

Happy Halloween.
Lots of <3,


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