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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mini Vacation and Emails

Hey everyone I just wanted it say thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments and support.    
Also,  I want to answer every question that you have but  it makes it very difficult when you do not 
 include and Email. 
Please. Please. Please... if you have a question about any of my projects 
leave me an Email where I can reach you..
 I was given the chance to take an impromptu mini vacation to the beach and because I work 24/7,
I could not pass that up.
The rest of the week  I have a lot of engagements so project will be slim.
Bare with me while I get back on track.
 I am sure you all understand that everyone needs a little 
Vacation away. Me included.

I do however, post regular pictures on Instagram (yes I am an addict) Pinterest,
 and my Facebook page, so feel free to follow either of those.
Wobisobi is my instagram name 
and Facebook is HERE. 
Once again. 
Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments.
I love you all.

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