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Monday, July 9, 2012

Bead and Chain Earrings, DIY

Things you need.

  1. Small Chain  about 8 inches
  2.  2 Beads
  3. Findings
  4.  2 Jump rings
  5. Pliers

 Cut your chain with your pliers.
Each chain length will be about 4 inches.

  Thread the chain through your bead.

 Open your jump ring and thread it through your chain and finding.
Close your jump ring.

Hello new earring..
 Super easy and inexpensive.
Have a Great Night..
Lots of <3,


  1. Hi Anne
    I always enjoy your posts ... You make me smile ;-)
    Keep lookin up !

  2. these earrings are super gorgeous and looks pretty 'simple-ish' perfect for my teen ! :)
    thanks for sharing - Danielle - CraftPlayLove.com

  3. This is such a great DIY! I also enjoyed your beach cover up!
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    You can create your own collages of your DIY's.
    See Laurens here: http://www.amazine.com/story/400855

  4. Amazing blog... Luv it!!!


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