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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canvas Tote Bag, DIY

Thanks to the amazing people at Plaid and FashionArtsProject.com 
I was able to make my new neon bird  tote. 
I am always needing Tote bags to carry lunch, papers, makeup, and my art supplies, 
and it seems like I never have enough. 
FashionArtsProjects is available at Wal-mart,and online 
They have these wonderful canvas totes  and stencils
 so that  you can create a unique bag for yourself, 
make one as a special gift for your best friend, 
for your Mom or for your daughter to take to school.
 The canvas totes come three to a pack so you can decorate one for all three,
 however your little heart desires.

Things you need.
  1. Canvas Bag,  FashionArtsProject.com
  2. Stencil,  FashionArtsProjects.com
  3. Neon Paint, Tulip
  4. Gold Fabric Paint, Tulip
  5. Black Paint, Plaid
  6. Brushes
  7. Scissors
  8. Tape
  9. Glue Mod Podge, Plaid
  10. 4 inch Mod Podge brush(not shown), Plaid

 Tape off your bag according to your design,
and paint.

 Then tape off , and paint your gold.

 Cut the stencil you are going to use and tape around it
 then tape it to your bag where you want it.

 carefully paint your bird.

 wait about 5 minutes and then remove your stencil.

I taped around the top edge and painted that black as well.

 I waited about 12 hours for it to dry. 
Once it was all dry I used my new 4 inch Mod Podge glue brush from Plaid
(which I love) and my Satin Mod Podge Glue by  Plaid 
 and sealed the whole bag with a layer of glue. 
Let the glue dry for about 2 hours and you are all done.
for more Craft ideas and craft supplies at their Website 
and Plaid for their paint glue and much, much more  at their Website

 I love my new tote.!
I had so much fun doing this I am in the process of making one more bag.
I hope your Sunday was a Happy one.
Lots of <3,


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