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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bead and Chain Necklace, DIY

I am always needing necklaces and I just love to create my own.
Here is one I came up with, easy and colorful. 
Need a necklace to match an outfit?
Why not make one in a snap.

Things You Need 

  1. Chain  *at least 57inches
  2. Wooden Beads *Wal-Mart craft department
  3. 1 small glass bead
  4. 2 medium jump rings
  5. 1 small jump ring
  6. 1 eye pin
  7. 1 lobster clasp
  8. Ruler
  9. Pliers

 Measure your chain.
One 16 inches, one18 inches, one 20 inches

 Now measure a small 3 inch piece of chain for the back of the necklace.

 Take your pliers and make the hole in your bead larger so that the chain slides through in easily.

 Slide your beads on your chain
***Important *** 
make sure your chain is straight.

 Now with your pliers open your jump rings.
add your chain to each jump ring and your lobster clasp,
Longest chain  first
then the middle chain
then the short chain
Repeat on the other jump ring.
  now close your jump rings.
    Add your eye pin to the glass bead.

    With your pliers cut the eye pin about 1 centimeter from the bead and make a circle 
leaving enough open to attach to the 3 inch chain.
Close the circle

Take your small jump ring and  with your pliers, open it and attach it to the other end of the 3 inch chain, then attach that to the back of the necklace, on the side that does not have the lobster clasp.
Close your jump ring.


The back
 Here is one with all three of the same size and color beads

Here is a multi -colored one with the yellow bead slightly bigger.

Have a wonderful Thursday.
Lots of <3,


  1. I love all of your posts. I cannot believe how simple s lot of these things are to create.

  2. I love how simple but super cute this necklace is! I am inspired to make one for myself ;)

    1. That is what I want to hear.. Thank you so much..!

  3. this seems like a great way to start making jewelry! i have been looking to do that but was terrified it wouldbe too complicated! Thanx!

  4. There's something about tri-layered necklaces that I just love...

    Thanks for the refresher on jewels...Pinning, my friend.


  5. Just found your site and I can't stop back reading! I hope you don't mind if I put your site in my blogroll.

    Hope you visit if you have time :) I love you site!

    Sarah from http://camerashake.wordpress.com

  6. This is so fantastic! I'm loving...and totally going to give it a try!!

    ~ Jillian

  7. The necklace looks turned out amazing! I love that you made this necklace! It is so beautiful!


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