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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thanksgiving Through Christmas Roundup.

The Holiday Season has come and gone so fast, and because  I was working so much I hardly had time to post anything on my Blog so I decided to do a little mash up of pictures that spanned from Thanksgiving until New Years Eve .
 I hope your holiday season was as wonderful as mine was.
here is a little sneak peek at all the fun.
Warning, lots of pictures ahead.

I got to dress up ( My favorite thing) for Thanksgiving.

I even wore my favorite fishnet tights.
Took a great Thanksgiving  Picture with my two amazing Children. So very thankful for them.
Love them to pieces

Wore a bunch of jeans, jackets and sweaters.  

Found the perfect Christmas tree that was 10 feet tall!

Placed it in my home with just some mild adjustments.:)

Covered this monster Tree with  1200 lights.
Decorated it just the way I like it, complete with my home made Angel that sits on the tippy top.

Wore some Dresses with sweaters and booties.

Made a few trips to Walt Disney World.

With one of my most Favorite Peoples.
Drooled over the French Pastry shop several times.
Saw some amazing Christmas decorations.

Lightened up my hair a little, more of that to come later.
Saw the perfect Christmas dress, so I had to buy it.

Lost another 5 pounds. Woot. More about that adventure on another post.

Went to a spectacular Dinner with this Stud and my siblings (wearing my brand new dress )
at the Columbia Restaurant in Celebration.


Watched Cola bear watch Kevin cooking every.....single....... day.
Isn't she the cutest thing ever.?
Shes my morning Coffee buddy.

Made some yummy treats.

Got my eyes checked and picked out some new glasses.

Donned another dress  for Christmas Day.

Complete with my favorite hat.
My Niece even joined in.
Again with another  Dress up opportunity 
New Years Eve.
Went to Dinner with my Family.
Then Posed for pictures with my Awesome Parents. 
What is funny about this is my mom doesn't even drink.
Then had the best selfie ever taken with the most wonderful person in the world
 my Amazing MOM, the most beautiful soul on earth.
All in All it was a wonderful Holiday Season filled with love, family and friends.
Looking forward to a New Year of more DIY's, Family and Fashion.
Love to you all
 and Wishing you all the very best year Ever.


  1. Anne, Wow, you look great. I love your sparkly dress. I enjoyed seeing all your photos and outfits. Great photo with your kids and parents. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year! Pat S

    1. Thank you so much Pat. I hope your New Year is fill with many beautiful memories.

  2. Happy New Year Anne and Family: Love this post what a wonderful fashion show, thank-you for sharing with us.


    1. Thank you Catherine Happy happy New year to you.

  3. That was an amazing mish-mash of holiday events. Loved all of it. Happy New year.


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