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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chevron Strapless Dress, DIY

Do you ever just need that quick dress that will go anywhere
 from day to a night out. 
Well I did  and I needed it in a hurry, so I made one out of two T-shirts. 
Then I dressed it up with a little Tulip Fabric Paint.

Things you need
  1. Two large men's t-shirts (or a size that fits you)
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Tulip Silver Fabric Paint
  5. Sponge or brush
  6. Tape
  7. Safety Pin

 First I used the tape to tape under the arms of my grey shirt
*This helps me cut a straight line.
 Cut your shirt.
 Do the same to the black shirt.

  Cut two-  2 inch strips from the bottom of your Black t-shirt to make your ties 
 Put to the side for now.
            Pin your two shirts right sides together.
             *Be sure you are sewing the cut ends of your shirts together. 
                You want  the hemmed ends on the top and the bottom of the dress.
        Sew your first stitch about 1 inch from your bottom edge.
                  Open your dress and stitch another row 
                    making a one inch channel all the way around.

     Now take the two strips you cut 
and stretch them to make a tube like string. 
   It's magic!
     Tie the string to a safety pin or a bobby pin: Whatever you have.
 Cut a small hole between the one inch channel you sewed.
 Thread your string through.
 Do the same to the top edge of the grey shirt.
Cut a small hole and thread your string through.
*The best part about this 
is that the top part of the grey shirt already has a hem.
No more sewing needed.
 Now here comes the fun part.
Tape off the bottom part of your dress in a chevron pattern.
 Paint your stripes.
 Pull off your tape and let dry for 6 hours.
 Just a little detail.

 Now you can wear your fun new dress.
 This is a really easy and quick project when you need a dress ASAP.
For more of my DIY head on over to my
or My Pinterest Page
Have a Wonderful Day.
Lot of <3,


  1. This is adorable, I think this is something I should do for a new spring outfit in pink and black, kind of like a piece of candy giggles.
    Thank-you for sharing with us.


  2. I like this design. Recycle and upcycle diy project, I love best.


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