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Friday, January 22, 2016

Fox Shoes DIY

I made these fox shoes in September but put them on hold. Why you ask? 
Well, I went into work overload at my other full time job and I have really not had the time to edit the photos or write up the tutorial for them until just  two days ago. 
Trying to balance work and life can be hard sometimes.
Anyway, Searching for animal shoes on  Pinterest, my favorite down time activity, and they had  rabbits, bears, lambs and cats but not really any foxes, or really anything that looked like the vision  I had in my head, so......
 I decided to make them.
Another strike of good luck was that I found these shoes  at Charlotte Russe on sale for $10.00 and they were the perfect color for my project. Don't you just love it when things fall into place?.
 You can make these with or without the fur or you can use faux fur. I just happen to have some fur that had been here a while and so I decided to use it instead of wasting it.
 I love how they turned out. 

Things you need.

Contact paper
Cutting board
Paper Plate
Leather scraps
Leather Hole Punch

Draw your fox or find a template you like. Trace two foxes on the back side of  the contact paper.
Cut them out.
Peel off the backing of the contact paper and place the fox cut out on the toe of  each shoe.
Place some of the gold paint on a paper plate.
Using your stencil sponge brush  paint over the stencil.
Take a little black paint and paint the tip of the nose

Sprinkle the wet gold paint with gold glitter.

Let the paint dry for about an hour then peel the stencil off slowly.
Take two of your black crystals.
and some glue and place a dot over the tip of the nose

place the crystals over the glue.
Cut two strips of leather 1/2 inch wide  2 inches long
Place glue on each end.
Glue them to the back inside of the shoe.
Cut two more leather strips about 12 inches long and 1/2 of inch wide.
Punch a hole one in the end of each leather strip.
Place the round stud through the hole.

 Cut a small hole on the other end of the leather and work the stud through.
Make sure your hole is big enough so that your stud fits through.

Weave it through the other back strap.
To add the fur.
 Cut out a template that  matches the back of the shoe. 
 I took a piece of paper and traced the back right of the right shoe and the back left of the left shoe.
Trace the stencil on the back side of the fur.
Take the x-acto knife and carefully cut the leather part trying not to cut the fur.
Pull the leather  apart if you can this makes it look more natural.
 Place glue on  the back of the fur.
Place the fur carefully on the shoe and hold for a about 1 minute.
Let dry for 24 hours before you wear.
Wear with your favorite jeans.

I hope you all have a great weekend.
 I am starting to put together a packing list for a weekend trip to Savannah. I am terrible at packing so  I am going  to be doing a lot of research on how to pack for a weekend trip. 
So excited.
Love to you all!


  1. Anne: How adorable, I am so glad you shared this with us, nice very nice.


  2. I think you should check my site now. You are welcome to share your posts there. I will be happy to see them!


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