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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sugar Skull T-Shirt DIY.

 Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo has a new line of Day of the Dead crafting amazingness! 
If you have not seen it you have to go and check it out HERE.
When I saw this iron on Skull applique I had to make a Shirt. Not only does Kathy designs her own craft line, she runs a Blog a Youtube channel and is a full time Mother and Wife. She is an inspiration to everyone around her.  FYI, it's available at select Michaels stores and will also be able to order online through iLoveToCreate.com and Amazon.com.


Wash and dry the shirt.
I cut the collar off of my shirt but you could leave it on if you want.
Place the shirt on a hard surface then place a piece of cardboard in between the shirt.
Lay the skull applique down, plastic side facing up.
Place a cloth over the applique.
Iron over the applique for at least one minute.
Tip *I checked mine in the corner every so often.
I had to go over my applique a couple of times to make sure it adhered well.
 Carefully peel off the plastic.

 Now let's make him sparkle.
The best part is you could use your imagination,
color him anyway you want.
Place Tulip Glitter Glue in different places 
then sprinkled it with different colored Tulip Glitter.
Do one color at a time
   I waited about 10 min between each color
 before I shook the glitter off.

 More Glue and More Glitter.
 Let it dry for about an hour to let the glitter set up.
 Now let's add a few sequins.
Use fabric fusion quick dry glue and place a small amount on the back side of a sequin,
 place the Sequins on the eyes and teeth
Or put them wherever you want.

 These Fabric markers by the Crafty Chica are so vivid and so easy to work with, I love them.
I used them to add different colors where I did not want glitter.

  Let your new creation dry over night then wear it to display your craftiness.

 I can promise you I will be creating more fun projects 
with Kathy's Craft line in the weeks to come.
 Lots of <3,
For more of my DIY's
 head over to My

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