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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fun In Georgia

Being in Georgia always feels like my home away from home. Coming here recharges my soul and reminds me of my college years. Those years were so life changing that being here helps me to reconnect with that feeling again.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family who let us share this  beautiful piece of land with them. Such Gracious host.  We have a fabulous room that reminds me of a spectacular  Bed and Breakfast.  We travel around to fun places finding Pumpkin patches and and  views that can only be accomplished here. Everyone decorates for fall and the streets are bustling with friendly people. Kevin and I take fun pictures and laugh a lot.  Something I think we need to do more of.  Life with fast jobs sometimes can be stressful.  Everyone should  make time to reconnect and live in the now.  Life goes by so quickly that if you blink you might miss the best parts, and isn't creating memories what it's all about.  I was able to hold hands with a giant, and sit in a bar in the middle of the day. I don't usually drink  so sitting in a bar at 1pm  makes me feel slightly naughty and like I am doing something I shouldn't. 
Living in Florida you do not get the spectacular colors of Fall like you do here and believe me it is spectacular. Everyone should  experience the Fall leaves changing and it is so different in person,  pictures could never do it justice.
Anyway, I have only two days left in the Magical place so I am going to run and make some more memories.
More pictures coming soon
Have a Beautiful Day.
Love Always,

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